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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Region One, has completed an environmental assessment for the Otter Island Fisheries Conservation Area Additions, a proposal to acquire 19.72 acres of island habitats along the Flathead River. If acquired, these parcels will be added to the existing Otter Island FCA that is located along the west side of the mainstem Flathead River, about 1.5 miles east of downtown Kalispell.
(Decision Notices - 07/31/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) proposes to complete several wild fish transfers and fingerling stockings of various species of fish in multiple counties within Region 7 in southeastern Montana.
(Decision Notices - 07/31/2014)

The purpose of the proposed project is to control the spread of EWM within Canyon Ferry WMA and to prevent it from spreading into downstream areas of the Missouri River system and to other areas where recreationists inadvertently carry the invasive plant species. This environmental assessment evaluates three alternatives: a No Action Alternative, the current action of mechanical and cultural (use materials or techniques that reduce weed populations such as bottom barriers or water drawdowns) control only, and the preferred alternative that utilizes mechanical, cultural, and chemical control in an integrated weed management approach (IWM). The IWM approach will help minimize the use of each option to minimize the potential impacts of each option to fish, wildlife, water quality, and habitat. Cultural and mechanical control will continue to be used in select areas while herbicide applications could occur in suitable sites such as the West Canal that diverts water to Pond 4. This project will last 5 years (2014-2018). During that time, additional herbicide application could occur in additional sites within Canyon Ferry WMA if management area staff determines their necessity.
(Restoration & Rehabilitation - 07/29/2014)

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) proposed to restore westslope cutthroat trout (WCT) to Pintler Creek upstream of Pintler Falls including Oreamnos Lake. Rainbow trout is the only fish species present in Pintler Creek upstream of the falls and in Oreamnos Lake.
(Decision Notices - 07/28/2014)

FWP proposes to enclose the existing outdoor archery range by expanding the current archery ed. building to accommodate an indoor airgun shooting range area.
(Decision Notices - 07/25/2014)

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