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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) seeks public review of its proposal to implement a site improvement and protection project at the Spurgin Road access to the Kelly Island Fishing Access Site (FAS), in the Target Range area west of Missoula in Missoula County. FWP proposes to construct a new concrete boat ramp, stabilize the adjacent riverbank, expand and improve the parking layout, add a loop road to improve traffic flow and boat launching, and pave entrance and internal roads and parking areas. The purpose is to better accommodate existing public recreational use, prevent further degradation of the FAS and reduce impacts to the Clark Fork River. A draft environmental assessment (EA) for this proposal is available for review and comment through 5pm on July 29, 2014.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 06/30/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) proposes to exchange approximately 36 acres of the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area (MHWMA) along Secondary Route 569 (S-569) to Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) for approximately 20 acres of the existing right-of-way of the S-569, that will be abandoned by MDT, and payment of $12,500 for the remaining value of the exchanged FWP property. MDT’s project would reconstruct approximately 3.7 miles of roadway. The roadway would be offset approximately 30 feet from the present traveled way for the first mile, shifting to a new alignment for 2.7 miles, and then returning to existing alignment for the remaining 0.7 miles. The proposed design relocates the roadway southeasterly and slightly upslope, out of the French Creek floodplain and wetland/riparian area. The road width would be increased to 26 feet to accommodate future overlays. There would be one new bridge crossing of French Creek and three new large culvert crossings at Lincoln Gulch, Moose Creek and an upper reach of French Creek, as well as nine additional smaller culvert crossings.
(Acquisitions, Trades & Leases - 06/27/2014)

On September 4, 2014 the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks proposes to adopt a new rule pertaining to Hunters Against Hunger program.
(ARM Rules - 06/26/2014)

The Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks proposed to adopt administrative rules pertaining to Wolf Management Stamps. The required number of persons requested a public hearing. Attached is the proposal notice, notice of hearing, and notice of decision.
(ARM Rules - 06/26/2014)

Name of the drainage where the pond would be located: Impounding Casino Creek, which is a tributary of Big Spring Creek, creates the reservoir. The impoundment occurs at river mile 1.4 of Casino Creek, which flows into Big Spring Creek at river mile 22.8. Fish species proposed for introduction: Largemouth bass, black and white crappie
(Species Stocking - 06/23/2014)

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