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A Decision Notice has been prepared proposing to restore westslope cutthroat trout in York Gulch and the West Fork Mudd Creek in the Big Hole River drainage. Restoration efforts would involve removing non-native brook trout using rotenone in the formulation of CFT Legumine. The remaining cutthroat trout and tailed frog tadpoles would be salvaged prior to non-native fish removal and held during the treatment of the stream then released.
(Decision Notices - 06/28/2013)

A Decision Notice has been prepared proposing to conserve westslope cutthroat trout in the South Fork North Fork Divide Creek (Big Hole drainage), Bostwick Creek, and Beehive Basin Creek (Gallatin drainage) through the mechanical removal of non-native trout. Mechanical removal consists of electrofishing and/or netting and selectively removing non-native trout.
(Decision Notices - 06/28/2013)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks proposes the use of piscicides (rotenone) to eliminate white suckers from Ostle Reservoir. After white suckers are successfully removed, rainbow trout would be stocked into the reservoir. Ostle Reservoir is located in Teton County on the Rocky Mountain Front in the Teton River drainage approximately 26 miles northwest of Choteau, Montana at T26N,R8W,S34. The dam is located at approximately 47.97101°N, -112.63146°W. It is an irrigation reservoir that receives surface runoff and inflow from Rinker Creek and an unnamed ditch conveying water from the Blackleaf Fen and Muddy Creek. The reservoir is located entirely on the Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area (WMA), public land owned and administered by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks. The purpose of the project is removal of an expanding white sucker population and restocking with rainbow trout to improve the quality of Ostle Reservoir’s fishery.
(Species Removal & Relocation - 06/25/2013)

Big Camas Creek is a small second order stream which forms Camas Creek approximately 9 miles upstream of Fort Logan, MT and 17 miles upstream of the confluence of Camas Creek and the Smith River. The proposed action involves removal of non-native Yellowstone cutthroat trout from Big Camas Creek and Camas Lake above a natural waterfall fish barrier using EPA registered piscicides containing rotenone. After removal of non-native fish, native westslope cutthroat trout would be introduced into both Big Camas Creek and Camas Lake. Approximately 3.5 miles of the reach of stream would be treated with rotenone all on the Helena National Forest. The nearest private land on Big Camas Creek is 0.80 miles downstream from the treatment area. Benefits of the proposed action include increasing the total miles of non-hybridized WCT inhabited stream in the Smith Drainage from 13 to 16.5 miles, a 27% increase in the Smith Drainage, and restoration of a 6 surface acre natural lake. This would also replicate an existing population of non-hybridized WCT in the Smith Drainage, and reduce the risk of potential listing under the Endangered Species Act. The project is intended to provide a unique opportunity for anglers to fish for Montana’s state fish in an accessible area of the Helena National Forest.
(Species Removal & Relocation - 06/21/2013)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, has completed an environmental assessment (EA) for a proposal to remove a northern pike population in Bass Lake and Mud Creek in northwest Montana using a combination of netting, trapping, and electrofishing, and restocking the lake with native westslope cutthroat trout. This project would be conducted within the Mud Creek watershed located approximately 6 miles southeast of the city of Eureka. The removal of northern pike would help restore native fish populations in the Tobacco River and Lake Koocanusa, which Bass Lake and Mud Creek feed. The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is proposing to fund the Bass Lake Restoration Project. The draft was out for a 30-day public review through June 8, 2013. Based on the comments received during the comment period and a landowner meeting, it is recommended to proceed with the project.
(Decision Notices - 06/21/2013)

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