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Three hearings will be held on July 16-18 regarding the proposed amendment and adoption of rules regarding gray wolf management in Montana. Public comment regarding these rules must be received no later than July 25, 2008.
(ARM Rules - 06/27/2008)

Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, has completed an environmental assessment (EA) for the purpose of conducting a depletion population estimate of lake trout in Swan Lake, Montana. The proposed action would involve contracting with professional fishery consultants to conduct gill netting over a three-week period beginning in late August or early September 2008. Information obtained from the proposed action would aid in understanding the status and characteristics of the lake trout population, and the potential impacts of lake trout on the aquatic ecosystem in Swan Lake, and help to determine feasibility and effectiveness of alternatives for managing the lake trout population (e.g., suppression of the population). All lake trout sampled during the project will be culled; those that are salvageable and of suitable size for consumption will be field-dressed and donated to food banks or other facilities. Following a 30-day public comment period, including a public meeting, FWP received 11 written comments and 7 oral comments all in favor of the project. Based on the analysis in the draft EA and comment received, it is recommended that the proposed project be implemented. There were no changes to the draft; therefore, the draft becomes the final EA. A copy of the decision notice is attached for your information.
(Decision Notices - 06/27/2008)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) issued a decision notice on the Slamon Lake Paving and Electrical Project. The notice prescribes paving only the day-use unit of the park and not installing the electrical pedestals in the campground. To view the complete decision notice, open the file below.
(Decision Notices - 06/26/2008)

Wild westslope cutthroat trout from Jumping Creek and North Fork Deep Creek (Smith Drainage) will be transferred to Tyrell Creek (Smith Drainage).
(Decision Notices - 06/26/2008)

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks proposes a shooting range expansion and improvement project that will assist the Dillon Rifle and Pistol Club to build, modify or expand former and new ranges, add a vault toilet and a new parking area, and to make the range more handicapped accessible.
(Recreation - 06/26/2008)

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