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An emercency rule to close the Missouri River to recreational water users from American Bar Gulch to Beartooth Landing due to fire management procedures.
(ARM Rules - 07/30/2007)

SAWYER SPECIFICATIONS AND SCOPE OF WORK: ·Fall and prepare 90 trees to be flown from donor site (Sun Dog Fire, 2006). This includes falling and cutting trees to specific lengths and cutting downed trees to be able to retrieve the specific tree. The area where trees will be taken is a one year old burn with many downed and standing dead trees. ·Tree sizes range from 19 to 35 inches dbh and from 35 to 60 feet long. PILOT(s) - Requirements ·All pilots providing services under this contract must possess a valid FAA commercial license with appropriate ratings for the aircraft and mission as well as the following Montana statutes regulating pilots: a.MCA 67-3-211, Pilot Registration b.MCA 67-3-401, Commercial Air Operators Insurance HELICOPTER SPECIFICATIONS AND SCOPE OF WORK ·Sawyers to be hired and managed by helicopter service. ·Transport 90 trees from donor site to be placed in specific locations on a tributary to the North Fork Flathead River (South Fork Coal Creek). The trees are 19 to 35 inches dbh and 35 to 60 feet long with root wads spanning from 4 to 6 feet. Sites are within one mile of each other. The helicopter will need to use a long line to pull trees up and out of the burn to the stream site. ·Helicopter must be able to lift between 5000 and 6000 pounds. ·Ground crews for rigging and releasing lines to be provide by helicopter service. ·See enclosed TOPO map for terrain layout and elevations.
(Bids & Proposals - 07/30/2007)

The attached Decision Notice has been prepared by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) for the proposed Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park Entrance Improvements and Maintenance Shop Replacement Project. One public comment was received during the 30-day comment period ending July 16, 2007. It is decided to proceed with the Entrance Improvements and Maintenance Shop Replacement Project as presented. This will involve the replacement of the entrance/information building, the relocating of the current parking lot and the replacement of the current maintenance building at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park.
(Decision Notices - 07/30/2007)

Montana Fish Wildlife, & Parks (FWP) is searching for a property in northwestern Montana which can potentially be developed as a fishing access site. For more details please read attached letter.
(Annual Rules - 07/24/2007)

The department has decided to cancel the public hearing on the proposed rule that was scheduled for July 25, 2007, 6:00 p.m. After publishing notice of hearing, the department found that amending ARM 12.3.403, Replacement Licenses, to align with the new replacement license policy would be less confusing and less complicated than adopting a new rule. Therefore the department has decided not to enact a new rule as originally proposed. Instead the department is proposing to amend ARM 12.3.403 to incorporate the new replacement license policy. MAR Notice No. 12-332, the Notice of Public Hearing on the rule amendment can be found on this website.
(ARM Rules - 07/23/2007)

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