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The project proposes site improvements at Big Arm State Park (Appendix A, p. 28). These include: the addition of two rental yurts, relocation of the existing park host trailer pads, construction of a new storage shed, relocation of the campground boat trailer parking area, construction of a handicapped-accessible campsite in Loop B with accessible vault toilet, the relocation of the day-use picnic and swim area from the middle of the campground to the day-use area at the south end of the park, and the addition of three tent sites to the area previously used for picnicking. Additionally, the Loop A campground road will be bladed and graveled to improve the surface and allow for access by vehicles with limited clearance (this particular item is a road maintenance issue and will not be further addressed in this document). The purpose of this project is to better utilize available open space, provide increased camping opportunities, improve the visual quality of the campground area, and reduce traffic conflicts and crowding between day- users and campers.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 12/20/2004)

This project would occur on Cedar Island located near the western shoreline and midpoint of Flathead Lake (Appendix A). The proposed action would result in the installation of a self-contained Clivus Multrum System compost toilet being located approximately 100 yards east of the old home and outbuildings and on the east side of the open meadow/ orchard area (Appendix B). The ground area that the toilet would occupy is approximately 6' x 8'. A spur trail about 25 yards long would connect to the main trail and lead to the toilet. The toilet would be partially screened by vegetation to limit visibility from the main trail.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 12/17/2004)

Commission Agenda
(Commission Agendas - 12/07/2004)

Decision notice for the road project at Ulm Pishkun State Park.
(Decision Notices - 12/02/2004)

The proposed action is to extend the power and water lines at Lake Mary Ronan State Park. The purpose is to provide three additional risers to provide water for public use and to provide low intensity lighting at the vault toilets to enable campers to see/use them after dark. The secondary purpose is to provide water access at the vault toilets so water can be put in the vaults to reduce vault odor.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 12/01/2004)

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