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Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (FWP) proposed to restore westslope cutthroat trout (WCT) to Pintler Creek upstream of Pintler Falls including Oreamnos Lake. Rainbow trout is the only fish species present in Pintler Creek upstream of the falls and in Oreamnos Lake.
(Decision Notices - 07/28/2014)

FWP proposes to enclose the existing outdoor archery range by expanding the current archery ed. building to accommodate an indoor airgun shooting range area.
(Decision Notices - 07/25/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks (FWP) proposes to purchase a permanent road easement providing a permanent route to the area for public hunting and recreation access. The route would approach the Bear Gulch Road from the east to cross approximately 1 mile of a private land owned by the Prickly Pear Land Trust (PPLT). PPLT and Forest Service will enter into a Purchase Option agreement whereby PPLT will bargain sell the easement to FWP but convey the easement to the Forest Service. The Forest Service administers the public lands of the Helena National Forest surrounding the private lands the Bear Gulch Road #4136 crosses. The proposed road easement provides the only legal public access rights to the adjacent property owned by the Foundation that is under option to be conveyed to the Forest Service. This Draft EA is available for review in Helena at FWP’s Headquarters, the State Library, and the Environmental Quality Council. It also may be obtained from the Bozeman or Butte FWP offices, or viewed on FWP’s website:
(Acquisitions, Trades & Leases - 07/24/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ (FWP) Future Fisheries Improvement Program has prepared an environmental assessments (EA) for the proposed FFI-023-2014 Ten Mile Creek Bank Stabilization and Fencing project tentatively approved by its Citizens Review Panel on June 19, 2014. This project would fence approximately 4,200 feet of Tenmile Creek and install livestock water gaps at appropriate locations. Additional funding from other sources has been secured to convert the adjacent land parcel from flood irrigation to an electric pump and wheel lines, which will allow efficient delivery of water and preserve Tenmile Creek streamflows. Expected outcomes from the overall project include efficient water delivery to pasture lands, promotion of riparian vegetation growth by excluding livestock, and providing a water source for livestock through water gaps. This project will be on Tenmile Creek, a tributary to the Missouri River, located approximately 2 miles west of Helena, T 10N, R 4W, Sections 31 and 32 (Attachment 1). The property is owned by the Grunenfelder Family Partnership LLP. Funding for this project is contingent upon a favorable decision with respect to the EA, and upon approval being granted by the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Comments are due by 5:00 pm August 25, 2014. Double click the title line to view the EA and/or submit comments.
(Fishing - 07/24/2014)

This project is an application for a commercial fur farm for the purpose of raising and selling bobcats to sell in the commercial fur industry. The facility is located approximately 6 miles southwest of Roy, MT at 5700 Romunstad Road in Fergus County in T18N R21E Section 30.
(Fish & Wildlife Permits - 07/24/2014)

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