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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks proposes stocking largemouth bass and crappie in big Casino Creek Reservoir. The existing fishery in the reservoir consists of stocked rainbow trout, illegally introduced yellow perch, brook trout, and white sucker. The current fish assemblage has resulted in a poor quality recreational fishery, with desired game fish production limited by stunted yellow perch and high white sucker densities. Largemouth bass and crappie were proposed as a management tool to improve food web dynamics in the reservoir and to provide angling opportunity for the species in the Lewistown area.
(Decision Notices - 09/18/2014)

FWP has issued a Decision Notice (DN) for its proposal to acquire 640 acres currently owned by The Conservation Fund, as an addition to the adjoining 9,475-acre Garrity Mountain Wildlife Management Area (WMA, west of Anaconda, Deer Lodge Co.). The DN is for the draft environmental assessment (EA) previously published for public comment, describing this proposal. The WMA addition would provide critical winter and spring habitat for elk, is notable for its extensive aspen stand that provides high-quality habitat for multiple species, and would improve public access to the WMA. FWP will recommend to the F&W Commission that it approve the proposed.
(Decision Notices - 09/16/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks and FWP Commissioners are seeking public comment on a settlement agreement between FWP and Wankens. A detailed summary of the settlement agreement between the Wankens and FWP is provided in this public information packet. If you have questions, need further information or clarification on any of the points below feel free to contact FWP at the address, email or phone number below. The Marias River WMA is located nine miles southwest of Shelby along the Marias River in Toole and Pondera counties. The Marias River runs the entire 14-mile length of the property with wide riparian habitats and associated river breaks, all composed primarily of native habitat. Existing public access points on the north side of the WMA only reach the WMA boundary and do not provide vehicle access to the river bottom. Pending a settlement or court’s determination, no access—either public or administrative—is currently possible to the east side, where the WMA headquarters is located.
(Decision Notices - 09/15/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) proposes removal of nonnative rainbow trout from waters upstream of Chadbourne Diversion and removal of nonnative brook trout in waters upstream of a proposed barrier upstream of Crandall Creek as described in the draft Selective, Mechanical Removal of Nonnative Fishes in the Shields River Watershed EA.
(Decision Notices - 09/15/2014)

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) proposes to exchange approximately 35.9 acres of the Marias River Wildlife Management Area (MRWMA) to the Marias River Bird Preserve (Preserve), LLC, who is an adjacent landowner on the southwest boundary of the WMA, for 1) approximately 76.7 acres the Preserve owns along that boundary, 2) extend an existing access agreement to FWP, and 3) grant administrative access across their property to the southern portion of the WMA via that existing access agreement. No monetary exchange would occur as part of this proposal.
(Decision Notices - 09/12/2014)

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