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The goal of this project is to modify the Hollecker Lake stocking strategy, angling regulations, inlet screen, and spawning and rearing habitats to establish a viable warmwater kid’s fishery.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 12/09/2005)

The purpose of the bison quarantine feasibility study is to determine whether it is possible, using the protocol described in this EA, to certify that groups of YNP bison are free from brucellosis, including latent infections of brucellosis. The need for such a study is to demonstrate whether quarantine is a feasible management tool for the management of YNP bison. The study also responds to a growing interest in using surplus Yellowstone bison as part of a broader bison conservation strategy. The cooperating agencies propose that it is possible that some bison migrating from YNP could be placed in a quarantine program to conserve genetic diversity and ultimately provide healthy bison for restoration projects in other portions of North America. Quarantine also would provide an alternative to slaughter for the removal of bison when the population exceeds levels prescribed by the IBMP. However, prior to adoption of a quarantine program, research is needed to determine if the protocol can be successfully implemented. The primary goal of the bison quarantine feasibility study is to develop quarantine procedures, using the best available science and adaptive research strategies, that would allow bison from Yellowstone National Park to be accepted as free of brucellosis and suitable for the establishment of new public and Native American bison herds or to augment existing public and tribal herds in North America. Completion of the study also might provide insight to the feasibility of quarantine protocols and the reintroduction of bison to large grassland systems as one component of a broader bison conservation strategy.
(Species Removal & Relocation - 12/09/2005)

Initial Site Development - improve/upgrade interior road, develop a gravel parking area, install a pre-cast concrete vault latrine, develop a designated swimming area, and install a concrete boat ramp and a boat dock.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 12/01/2005)

Secretary of State final adoption notice, creating a no wake zone on Georgetown lake
(ARM Rules - 11/21/2005)

Repeal of boundary rule on Teton Spring Creek
(ARM Rules - 11/21/2005)

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