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Montana FWP proposed to stock brook trout in Pelican Point Pond #1, which is located at Pelican Point FAS, 6.1 miles SE of Cascade, Montana. The pond is a reclaimed gravel pit pond with a maximum depth of 15 feet and is 21.4 surface acres. It currently harbors largemouth bass, black crappie and yellow perch. It was stocked one time with rainbow trout in 2003. The goal of FWP’s action is to maximize angling quality in this fishery. A draft environmental assessment was posted on the department’s website from March 18 through March 31. No public comments were received through April 18, 2011. Brook trout will be stocked in Pelican Point Pond #1 to improve angling quality and the Draft Environmental Assessment, together with this decision notice, will serve as the final document for this proposal.
(Decision Notices - 04/21/2011)

A draft Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared to stock up to 500,000 sauger fingerling per year into Yellowtail Reservoir for three years and concurrently stock up to 100,000 walleye triploid fingerlings per year for six years starting May or June, 2011 until October, 2011.
(Species Stocking - 04/08/2011)

Montana Fish, Wildife and Parks has prepared an environmental assessment proposing to introduce burbot (ling) into Van Houten Lake, located in the Big Hole River drainage. This proposed action would potentially control overabundant suckers and improve the brook trout fishery. Burbot would be captured in Twin Lakes, where there is an overabundance of the species, and then transported and introduced into Van Houten Lake.
(Species Stocking - 04/08/2011)

The enclosed Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared for a project proposal intended to protect Missouri River wild trout and reservoir fisheries by suppressing northern pike from waters upstream of Holter Dam (FWP Regions 3 and 4) on the Missouri River. The proposed action would involve active and passive removal of northern pike from the Missouri River basin from Holter Dam upstream to the headwaters of the Madison, Gallatin, and Jefferson river basins. All northern pike removed during this project would be killed. Northern pike that are salvageable and of suitable size for consumption would be field dressed and donated to food banks or other facilities. This EA is available for review in Helena at FWP’s Headquarters, the State Library, and the Environmental Quality Council. It also may be obtained from FWP at the address provided above, or viewed on FWP’s Internet website: . Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks invites you to comment on the attached proposal. Public comment will be accepted until 6 May, 2011 at 5:00 pm. Comments should be sent to the following:
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 04/07/2011)

Introduction of black crappie into the Milk River drainage - Doll pond.
(Species Stocking - 04/06/2011)

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