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In 2009 Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks acquired land along the Sun River 4.3 miles west of the town of Vaughn that had been known as the Lewis property and was recently renamed Largent Bend FAS. The site is in the beginning stages of development for public recreation including boundary delineation, weed management, signing and river and pond access. In order to realize the full recreation potential of the site, FWP is proposing to stock fish in the ponds. The goal is to create a multi-tiered year-round fishery in ponds 2 and 3 that would provide at least 150 angler days per year. FWP is proposing to stock largemouth bass in pond 2 to fulfill the objectives of reducing the number of existing black bullheads and to provide the primary fishery in a multi-tiered fishery. FWP is proposing to stock black crappie in pond 3 to provide a unique angling opportunity that would be self sustainable. The fishery in pond #3 would be managed by stocking predatory fish such largemouth bass, male northern pike, or tiger muskie when needed. FWP also proposes to stock rainbow trout and brook trout in ponds 2 and 3 to fulfill the objective of providing a second tier to the fishery and additional angling opportunities.
(Species Stocking - 03/22/2011)

Wadsworth Reservoir is located on the west edge of Great Falls. The reservoir is 41.3 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 15.3 feet, and has been stocked since with largemouth bass, rainbow trout, walleye and yellow perch. A major water source is the Sun River, which has resulted in other fish such as white suckers, carp, pumpkinseed sunfish and black bullhead entering the reservoir infrequently. The reservoir was dredged in 2004 to improve fishing and it receives an average of 903 (344-1806) angler days per year. FWP is proposing to stock brook trout and white crappie in order to maximize angling quality in this urban fishery. Both species are tolerant of high water temperatures and may fare better that the other species in the reservoir. White crappie can tolerate turbid water which occurs frequently at this reservoir.
(Species Stocking - 03/18/2011)

Montana FWP plans to stock brook trout in Kolar Reservoir #1, which is located on private land approximately one mile north of Geyser, Montana. Public access to this reservoir is gained through an agreement between the landowner and Montana FWP that involves reasonable public access in exchange for FWP stocking it with fish. The reservoir is 12 surface acres and has a maximum depth of 17 feet. This reservoir has been stocked since 1947 with rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, kokanee salmon, largemouth bass, and walleye. It also harbors white sucker, fathead minnow and brassy minnow. Montana FWP plans to stock it with brook trout to improve diverse angling opportunity and angling quality.
(Species Stocking - 03/18/2011)

A Decision Notice has been prepared to renew the Mount Haggin Wildlife Management Area-German Gulch grazing lease for a 10-year term to extend June 2011 through October 2020. The grazing lease is part of a cooperative grazing program with the U.S. Forest Service on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest which began in 1989. It consists of a rest-rotation grazing system for 436 Animal Unit Months with the Peterson Fairmont Ranch. This cooperative grazing system allows for landscape level management of elk winter range, along with wildlife habitat in general, across ownerships and has demonstrated the compatibility of livestock production and wildlife/recreation-based economies.
(Decision Notices - 03/18/2011)

Montana FWP plans to stock brook trout in Pelican Point Pond #1, which is located at Pelican Point FAS, 6.1 miles SE of Cascade, Montana. The pond is a reclaimed gravel pit pond with a maximum depth of 15 feet and is 21.4 surface acres. It currently harbors largemouth bass, black crappie and yellow perch. It was stocked one time with rainbow trout in 2003. FWP is proposing to stock brook trout to maximize angling quality in this fishery.
(Species Stocking - 03/18/2011)

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