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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) proposes replacement of an existing fish barrier on Cottonwood Creek located on the Beartooth Wildlife Management Area. In 2000, a concrete fish barrier was constructed on Cottonwood Creek in an effort to restore westslope cutthroat trout (WCT) to approximately 8 miles of stream. Multiple piscicide treatments and electrofishing efforts were necessary to completely remove non-native brook trout upstream of the constructed fish barrier. Native WCT from two populations in the Missouri River Drainage were transferred to Cottonwood Creek upstream of the fish barrier in 2009. The original barrier is functioning but at risk of passing brook and rainbow trout around its sides during high spring run-off events. The preferred alternative of the project would involve replacement of the original structure with a larger barrier effective at high flows and removal of the old barrier. Based on the Environmental Assessment, public comment, and the current high risk of extinction of genetically pure WCT in the Missouri River Drainage, the decision to proceed with Alternative 2, the proposed action was selected.
(Decision Notices - 05/21/2010)

A draft Environmental Assessment (EA) for issuing a commercial fur farm license to Sweeney Fur Farm for the purpose of raising and selling bobcats and bobcat kittens.
(Fish & Wildlife Permits - 05/21/2010)

Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks (FWP), Region 1, has completed an environmental assessment (EA) for the development of the Pair-A-Dice Fishing Access Site (FAS) along the Clark Fork River in Sanders County near Paradise, Montana, to improve public access to this stretch of river. The proposed project includes site signage, improvements to the access road, boundary fencing, a concrete vault latrine, a designated parking area for 15-20 vehicles, and a concrete boat ramp. The draft EA was out for a 30-day public review through May 7, 2010. Seven comments were received, all in favor of the project. FWP will proceed with the project with noted design changes as set forth in the attached decision notice. There were no changes to the draft EA; therefore, the draft becomes the final EA. A 30-day appeal period will be observed prior to any action being taken. Please contact FWP Parks Manager Dave Bennetts, (406) 751-4590 or e-mail to, with questions or comments.
(Decision Notices - 05/19/2010)

Belt Creek is closed to all floating within in the seven mile stretch of waters flowing through Sluice Boxes State Park from Logging Creek Bridge over Belt Creek on United States Forest Service Road 839 (River Mile 58.5) to Riceville Bridge Parking Area on Evans Riceville Road (River Mile 51) due to a impassable log jam.
(ARM Rules - 05/18/2010)

The Decision Notice has been prepared for the Environmental Assesement titled, “Assisted Recolonization of Arctic grayling into Rock Creek, in the Upper Big Hole River Basin.” This project proposes to utilize Remote Site Incubators (RSIs) to hatch and imprint Arctic grayling eggs from the Big Hole River conservation broodstock directly into Rock Creek; a tributary to the Big Hole River located approximately 3 miles south of Wisdom. This project builds upon recent restoration efforts that have improved habitat, instream flows and connectivity of Rock Creek to the Big Hole River. Four public comments were received during a 30-day comment period ending May 10, 2010. It was decided to to proceed with the proposed project, with no changes to the Draft Environmental Assessments. Questions regarding these Decision Notices should be mailed to: Jim Magee Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 730 N. Montana St. Dillon, MT 59725 Or e-mailed to:
(Decision Notices - 05/17/2010)

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