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The enclosed Decision Notice has been prepared to maintain a coordinated rest-rotation grazing program on Fleecer Wildlife Management Area (WMA) near Divide, MT for a 3-year term to extend April 2010 through October 2012. The program, which began in 1982 and has been in effect in its current format since 1987, consists of a spring grazing exchange agreement of 500 Animal Unit Months (AUM), with Smith 6 Bar S Livestock and a separate fall fee-grazing agreement (94 AUM) with Smith 6 Bar S Livestock and Russel Dupuis. The proposed grazing program would encompass 3,700 acres owned by FWP and 875 acres that FWP leases from Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC). In addition, 1,920 acres owned by Smith 6 Bar S Livestock and 640 acres that Smith 6 Bar S Livestock leases from DNRC would also be incorporated into the Fleecer WMA Coordinated Grazing System. Total acreage involved would be 7,135 acres. The Fleecer WMA Coordinated Grazing System allows for landscape level management of elk winter range across ownerships and has demonstrated the compatibility of livestock production and wildlife/recreation-based economies. Nineteen parties submitted comments over the 30-day comment period ending at 5:00 p.m. on January 16, 2010. Of the nineteen respondents, five stated support for Alternative A, seven supported maintaining the grazing program on Fleecer as it currently is but did not specify which alternative they supported (implied support for Alternative A), three stated support for Alternative C, and four respondents did not specify support for any of the alternatives (though support for Alternative C was implied by one of them). The Decision Notice may also be obtained from FWP at the address provided above, or viewed on FWP’s Internet website: It is my decision to proceed with Alternative A: renewal of both the spring and fall grazing leases on the Fleecer WMA, as detailed in the Fleecer WMA Grazing Lease Env
(Decision Notices - 02/26/2010)

Agenda for March 10, 2010 Commission meeting in Helena
(Commission Agendas - 02/24/2010)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, has written a draft environmental assessment (EA) proposing to examine and make a decision on whether or not to grant approval for a Montana Stream Protection Act (SPA 124) permit application submitted by Flathead County for construction of public boat access to Church Slough in Flathead County, Montana. The proposed project includes construction of a vehicle turnaround, parking, and installation of a concrete boat launch on county-owned property. The draft is out for a 30-day public review through 5:00 p.m., Thursday, March 25, 2010. A public meeting will be held on Thursday, March 18, from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. at the FWP headquarters office, 490 N Meridian Road, Kalispell, in the large conference room. Please contact Fisheries Biologist Mark Deleray at (406) 751-4543 or e-mail to with questions or comments.
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 02/24/2010)

In accordance with the Montana Environmental Policy Act, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) is required to assess the impacts a proposal or project might have on the human and natural environments. Further, the MFWP's land lease-out policy, as it pertains to the disposition of interest in Department lands (89-1-209) requires that an EA be written for all new leases, lease extensions or lease renewals. This draft EA assesses the potential impacts from grazing cattle on the Haymaker Game Range relative to a proposed Lease Renewal.
(Annual Rules - 02/23/2010)

The attached Environmental Assessment (EA) has been prepared for an existing Fishing Access Site (FAS) on the Big Hole River. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) proposes to implement several site improvements to Glen Fishing Access Site (FAS) including building a single-wide concrete boat ramp with a cul-de-sac and improving parking areas. If funds are available, FWP also proposes to improve existing campsites as well as develop new campsites. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks invites you to comment on the attached proposal. If requested, FWP will schedule and conduct a public meeting on this proposed project. Public comment will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on March 22, 2010. Comments should be sent to the following: Glen FAS EA Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 1400 South 19th Avenue Bozeman MT 59718-5496 Or emailed to:
(Development, Improvements, and Enhancements - 02/18/2010)

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