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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, has completed an environmental assessment (EA) for the purpose of reducing fish loss on the Crystal Lakes irrigation diversion located on Deep Creek in Lincoln County, Montana, by installing a fish screen. No comments were received during a 30-day public review of the draft EA. Based on the lack of comment and due to the urgent need to reduce native salmonid entrainment and mortality associated with the inadequately screened irrigation diversion, it is recommended that the proposed project be implemented. No changes were made to the draft EA; therefore, the draft together with the decision notice will become the final document. A copy of the decision notice is attached.
(Decision Notices - 09/18/2009)

The enclosed Decision Notice has been prepared for the Damselfly Fishing Access Site Proposed Perpetual Easement Draft Environmental Assessment. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) proposed to obtain a perpetual easement from DNRC for a 2.25-acre tract of land in order to establish a formal fishing access site and provide continued public access at this location on the Madison River. Ten public comments were received during the comment period that began July 29, 2009 and ended August 28, 2009. The EA and Decision Notice may be obtained from FWP at the address provided above, or viewed on FWP’s Internet website: Based on the Environmental Assessment, public comment, and FWP evaluation, it is my decision to proceed with obtaining the proposed perpetual easement. Questions regarding this Decision Notice should be mailed to: Fish, Wildlife & Parks, C/O Todd Garrett, 1400 S 19th Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59718 Or e-mailed to:
(Decision Notices - 09/18/2009)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, is seeking public comment for the Foys Bend Fisheries Conservation Area Draft Management Plan for the purpose of establishing and implementing a management plan for approximately 245 acres of land purchased by FWP in May 2009 on Foys Bend of the Flathead River, located a few river miles below the Old Steel Bridge southeast of Kalispell (R21W, T28N, Sections 26, 27, 34 & 35) in Flathead County. The draft environmental assessment is out for public review through 5:00 p.m., Friday, October 9, 2009. A copy is attached for your review. Please contact Fisheries Conservation Specialist John Wachsmuth at (406) 751-4554 or e-mail to with questions or comments.
(Conservation - 09/18/2009)

Scoping Notice for Evaluation of Domestic Sheep Trailing on Robb/Ledford WMA and Current and Future Status of the Greenhorn Bighorn Sheep Transplant Domestic sheep trailing was allowed through the upper portions of the Robb/Ledford Wildlife Management Area (WMA) prior to FWP purchasing the property from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Annual sheep trailing has been allowed by FWP since it acquired the WMA in 1988. At their May 2002 meeting, the FWP Commission approved reintroduction of bighorn sheep in the Greenhorn Mountains contingent upon a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that was signed prior to the transplant by FWP, the domestic sheep producers near the Greenhorns, the USDA Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land Management. That MOU allows for the continued grazing and trailing of domestic sheep on public lands. Administrative rules that guide commercial uses on WMAs became effective in January 2007. Domestic sheep trailing across the WMA has been described as a commercial use of the WMA. FWP intends to evaluate those rules in relation to the Robb/Ledford domestic sheep trailing activity through the development of an Environmental Analysis (EA) beginning with this scoping notice. In addition, this scoping notice is intended to start formal evaluation of the current and future status of the Greenhorns Bighorn Sheep transplant. You are invited to identify specific issues and provide comments on future domestic sheep trailing on the Robb/Ledford WMA and on the current and future status of the Greenhorns Bighorn Sheep transplant. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is asking for comments on these topics until October 15, 2009. To be most helpful, comments should be substantive and specific to the proposed actions being considered. They should include: (1) name, address, telephone number, and organization represented, if any; (2) title of the action (i.e. “Sheep Trailing on Robb/Ledford WMA and the current and future status of the Green
(Management Plans - 09/18/2009)

FWP releases a Decision notice for a Shooting Range Development and Enhancement Grant project to the Hellgate Civilian Shooters Association for range improvements on their West Riverside Range (East Missoula), which has an indoor and outdoor small bore range, located off of Highway 200 east of Missoula. FWP proposes to provide $4,325 for the construction of a safety berm.
(Decision Notices - 09/17/2009)

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