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The purpose of this proposed action is to translocate swift fox from within FWP Administrative Region 6 in northeast Montana to suitable habitat on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation (FPIR). Swift fox currently exist on FPIR at very low densities. This translocation is a population augmentation to facilitate establishment of a resident population of swift fox on FPIR. This action will provide additional wildlife viewing, assist Tribal officials to restore a culturally important species to the reservation, increase species diversity on the reservation, and facilitate range expansion of swift fox in the state. A one-time translocation of 10 juvenile swift fox, 5 female and 5 male, would be conducted in concert with the International Swift Fox Census. Juvenile swift fox captured on the final day of trapping individual townships would be made available to tribal wildlife officials for soft release to suitable habitat on Fort Peck Indian Reservation. Two swift fox would come from the Theony area, 5 swift fox from the Whitewater area and 3 swift fox would come from the Chinook area. All adult or a combination of adult and juvenile swift fox would be made available if 10 juveniles are unavailable. If weather conditions prevent the release, capture efforts would be completed in the spring prior to whelping. Fort Peck wildlife officials have agreed to the terms of this translocation.
(Species Removal & Relocation - 10/12/2005)

Proposed ARM rule amendment removing the peregrine falcon from the state endangered species list at ARM 12.5.201.
(ARM Rules - 10/11/2005)

September Meeting in Billings
(Commission Meetings - 10/11/2005)

Conference Call regarding Late Season Waterfowl and Teton Spring Creek Admin Rule
(Commission Meetings - 10/11/2005)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) proposes to contribute up to $25,000 to Beaverhead County towards paving a section (875 feet) of Lovers Leap South County Road (#315D) and constructing a small vehicle turnout on the south side of the road adjacent to a side channel of the Beaverhead River within Clark's Lookout State park.
(Decision Notices - 10/06/2005)

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