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Decision Notice for 3-acre land acquisition.
(Decision Notices - 04/26/2005)

A low, earthen dike will be constructed under supervision of Dean Vaughan to plug the outlet of a drained wetland basin that is partially on Ninepipe Wildlife Management Area and partially on the Keyser Preservation Trust, a property encumbered with a USFWS conservation easement. The existing property boundary fence (where proposed wetland will be constructed) will be removed prior to construction, and new “dead end” braces will be installed to secure the fence outside of the basin following wetland restoration activities.
(Decision Notices - 04/25/2005)

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), Region One, has written a draft environmental assessment (EA) for Wildlife Animal Adventures, which has applied for a license to establish a roadside menagerie for the purpose of educational, photographic, and rescue purposes. The menagerie will include both large and small carnivores and omnivores. The proposed compound site for the animals is located in Ferndale at 80681 Hwy 83 (T26N R19W W1/2 S12), and the proposed photography site is located in Kalispell at East Cottonwood Drive (T28N R21W S3) – currently used by Wildeyes Animal and Photo Adventures...
(Species Stocking - 04/25/2005)

Tentative quotas for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, and lions are attached for review and comment. Final quotas for these species will be established at June 9 Commission meeting in Helena. The Commission also tentatively approved the annual rule for the auction of a bighorn sheep, moose, and mountain goat license, and the deer and elk auction/lottery. The 2005 Legislature approved the inclusion of a mountain goat license in that auction. Lastly, the Commission approved moving forward with exploring a potential 25-acre land acquisition project near Anaconda. Comments can be submitted electronically at (please include your name and mailing address with your e-mail), or in writing at MT Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Attn: MSGL quotas, 1420 E. 6th Ave., POB 200701, Helena, Montana 59620-0701. Comments will be accepted through May 18, 2005.
(Hunting - 04/19/2005)

The 2005 Legislature approved HB14 that provides the commission with the authority to issue one mountain goat license through a competitive auction or lottery. The 2003 Legislature approved HB20 that provided the commission with the authority to issue one male mule deer license and one male elk license through a competitive auction or lottery. The 1987 Legislature passed HB282 that provided the commission authority to issue one male Shiras moose license through competitive auction. In 1985 Legislature enacted SB109 permitting the commission to issue one male mountain sheep license through competitive auction. The statutes provide that conservation organizations involved in the conservation of Shiras moose or mountain sheep may be authorized by the commission to conduct an auction. However, the authorized mountain goat, mule deer and elk licenses may be offered by a conservation organization either through an auction or a lottery. With the legislative authorization to issue these licenses came the direction to promulgate rules for the use of the licenses and for the conduct of the auction/lottery.
(Annual Rules - 04/18/2005)

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