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Tales and Trails

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Fly-tying For the Aged


Several years ago, an old man, who I really didn’t know, died and his wife gave me a grocery bag full of his fly-tying material.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

April is Spring


‘Tis spring, the time when a young male’s fancy turns to, well, not football.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

Spring is for the Young


Not all creatures have given up on spring ever happening. Some are counting on it. And soon. Great horned owls and Canada geese are sitting on eggs now, or soon will be.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

When Winter Ends


Winter will end. Trust me. But what will we see when all that white stuff disappears? A landscape green from melting snow littered with dead deer? Probably not.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )


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