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Tales and Trails

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Feeling Strong?

Thu Sep 20 14:07:04 MDT 2018

Feeling strong? Recently, I watched a Cooper’s hawk take off from a rural, gravel road, clutching a dead meadowlark in its talons.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

How Hot is It?

Fri Aug 10 10:00:47 MDT 2018

Here’s nothing new: It’s been hot recently. How hot? So hot, I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walking. So hot I’m being forced to use passive verbs. Okay, for those who suffer from the heat, extreme temperatures are no joke. However, maybe nature can teach us a few tricks to cope.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

The Magic of Birds

Mon Jul 02 15:53:46 MDT 2018

If this Universe has a Creator, she must have been having a good day when she created birds.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )


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