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Water, Water, Everywhere

Fri May 18 09:14:54 MDT 2018

Water, water, everywhere. You don’t have to be an ancient mariner to see we have plenty of water around us. People are filling sandbags, checking flood insurance policies or waiting for fields to dry up so they can plant.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

Too Much Water?

Fri Apr 06 08:48:35 MDT 2018

This year when winter ends, and yes someday it will, talk will turn from snowfall and ice depth to snowmelt, runoff and flooding.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )

Johnnie Rabbit

Thu Feb 22 13:46:22 MST 2018

Whoever loves snow and cold, like we’ve had this month, please raise your hand.

(Region 4 - by Bruce Auchly )


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