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Watercraft Inspection Required by Law

Recreation News - Region 1

Thu Jul 24 10:35:40 MDT 2014

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks would like to remind people that all watercraft are required by state law to stop at aquatic invasive species (AIS) check stations. This doesn’t just mean just motorized boats. Non-motorized craft including canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, and rafts must also stop.

In Northwest Montana, Region One, there are AIS check stations near Coram, Ronan, Thompson Falls, Troy, and Eureka. Inspections are fast, easy, and help to protect our shared waters from aquatic invasive species. The Coram AIS watercraft check station is located about 5 miles west of West Glacier on Highway 2. Since mid-May, nearly 900 non-motorized watercraft drive-bys were recorded at the Coram check station. FWP Wardens regularly work the check stations to address violations. Most commonly, they are dealing with vehicles failing to stop. However, an individual was cited at the Coram check station this summer for transporting live perch. While his intent was not to introduce the fish into another body of water, it is illegal to transport live fish in the Western Fishing District.

So if you are hauling a watercraft, be sure to stop at AIS Check Stations. Thank you for your help in keeping Montana waters AIS free!