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Boating Accidents Must Be Reported

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Wed Jun 20 15:59:00 MDT 2012

In Montana, the most common types of boating accidents are collisions with another vessel, capsizing, collision with fixed or floating objects and falling overboard.

"There have been 35 boating fatalities in Montana in the past four years," said Ron Jendro, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks recreational boating safety administrator. "Boating accidents that result in more than $100 in damage must be reported to FWP."

Contributing factors include operator inattention, operator inexperience, hazardous water and excessive speed. Alcohol may be the most important contributing factor.

FWP is responsible for enforcing Montana's boating laws.

For more on Montana's boating laws and safety, go to the FWP website at on the Recreation page and click Activities then Boating, Floating, and Kayaking.