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Montana State Parks Will Proceed with Campsite Reservation System

State Parks

onsdag, juni 30, 2010

Montana State Parks will pursue development of a campsite reservation system in up to 21 state parks beginning in the spring of 2011. An Environmental Assessment (EA) was issued on the proposed project on April 26, 2010. Following public comment and review, a formal decision notice was issued Wednesday.

“We are excited to be proceeding with a reservation system for Montana’s state parks,” said Chas Van Genderen, State Parks Administrator.  “The desire for a campsite reservation program is the number one visitor inquiry each season. It is a convenience that has become the nationwide standard for those visitors who desire to pre-plan an overnight camping trip.”

The system will allow reservations to be made online or via telephone.

As proposed, a percentage of between 25% and 50% of the campsites in each of the affected parks will remain on a first-come, first-served basis for those campers who prefer to be more spontaneous.

During the public comment period, a total of 128 comments were received.  Of that amount, more than two-thirds were in support or qualified support of the proposed campsite reservation program.

Copies of the decision notice can be viewed online at or at the Montana State Parks office at 1420 E. 6th Avenue, Helena.