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Plan A Montana State Parks Vacation With The New Internet Travel Guide

Montana State Parks

Fri Aug 26 00:00:00 MDT 2005

Family and friends having a picnic at Finley Point.

Finley Point State Park

Think a travel planner might be a little pricey for a simple two-day get away? Think again. Visitors to Montana's 50 State Parks now have access to the services of an Internet travel guide and planner with the new Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks State Parks Travel Guide.

First go to the Parks and Recreation page, under Recreation and click on the "State Parks Travel Guide" at the bottom of the page. The travel guide provides information on exciting, affordable State Parks vacations, family vacation tips, camping opportunities and information on fees and nonresident parks passports.

The State Parks Travel Guide also offers visitors a virtual tour of Montana's State Parks. Facts about the 50 state parks sites serve as clues to guide visitors through the tour. For example:

·        The very first State Park in Montana was named in 1937, but it took millions of years to form the geological features located there.

·        The largest State Park in Montana is 11,531 acres. It is home to approximately 60 large buzzards each summer and many large fossils too!

·        The adobe and log remains at this State Park preserve the site of the first permanent while settlement in Montana.

·        This 2,000-acre island State Park was used by the Salish-Kootenai Indians to pasture horses to keep them from being captured by other tribes. 

To plan a visit down to the details, click on "Plan A Visit" on the navigation bar. Here the arm chair traveler may select the name of a Montana State Park and receive a full description of the park including: a site map, elevation, nearest town, size of the park, a detailed description of what the park has to offer, and a phone number for more information. Or search for a state park near a water body, a particular city, or equipped with the recreation facilities you prefer.

For a travel planner's assistance before your next Montana State Parks visit, or a virtual tour of Montana’s 50 State Parks, go to the FWP's Parks and Recreation web page.