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College Interns Assist in State Parks

Montana State Parks

Fri Nov 30 00:00:00 MST 2001

Nine students from various colleges around Montana did some "on the job" training in state parks during the summer months.As they completed requirements for their major course studies, they learned how to apply what they learned in the classroom to the field. The Parks Division, in turn, received some excellent products and services as a result of the students' time spent working at various locations around the state.At Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, an intern from the University of Montana completed a GPS survey of all the trails in the park, that will be put on a handout map of the park.At Ulm Pishkun State Park, an intern from Montana State University did research on homesteads in the area and then compiled that information into an educational lecture program. The work on this project gave David Ramsey a $1,000 award and an all expense paid trip to the Montana History Conference where he was presented with the "Washington Foundation Award for Historical Excellence."The range of projects the interns worked on were as diverse as the parks themselves with everyone coming out a winner. The interest, knowledge and energy of the students who apply for the internships each year is an inspiration to all the parks staff. We appreciate having them as part of the team for the summer and congratulate David on his outstanding award!