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Hell Creek State Park Capital Improvement Projects

Montana State Parks

Fri Nov 30 00:00:00 MST 2001

Hell Creek State Park, a water-based recreation site, is located on the south shore of Fort Peck Reservoir, some 26 miles north of Jordan. The tremendous fishery of Fort Peck is what brings the majority of visitors to the park. The increased popularity of the Fort Peck fishery is reflected by the ten-fold increase in recreational visits to Hell Creek since 1994.During tournament weekends and during the peak fishing time in June and July, the park is host to over 100 camps. To meet the needs of the increasing number of park users FWP has implemented a series of improvements. Some completed over this past summer include:

  1. Expansion of existing boat ramp to accommodate simultaneous launching of two boats.
  2. Expansion of existing parking lot to accommodate up to 90 vehicles with boat trailers.
  3. Installation of a RV dump station.
  4. Yard lights at the parking lot and boat ramp.
  5. 1500 linear feet of new interior park roads.
  6. Enlargement of 37 existing camp pads to better accommodate larger RVs.
  7. Construction of 18 new camp pads and a new septic system.

A shower/restroom facility is scheduled for construction in spring of 2002.