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Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission to meet in Helena

Inside FWP

Mon Apr 29 00:00:00 MDT 2002

Montana’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission will meet May 8-9 in Helena at the FWP headquarters, 1420 East Sixth Ave, beginning at 8 a.m. both days. May 8 will be a work session review of mountain lion research; the furbearer program; FWP youth programs and the FWP drought fishing closure policy.

May 9 the Commission will make final decisions on the:

· land acquisition and construction at Lone Pine State Park in northwestern Montana;

· Greenhorn sheep transplant planned in the Greenhorn area near Alder;

· Jefferson River turkey transplant in FWP Region 3;

· appeal of the Ft. Peck Management Plan section on tournaments;

· how to issue deer licenses non-residents chose to separate from the Nonresident Big Game Combination Licenses;

· acquisition of Three-Dollar Bridge in FWP Region 3;

· donation of the Dillon children’s fishing pond;

· Fishing Access Site Enhancement Program projects.

Tentative decisions will be made on the 2003 moose, sheep and goat quotas; mountain lion seasons and quotas; elk permits for landowners who enter hunting access agreements; and the Moose and Sheep Auction rules.

Informational items include:

· a proposal to add 196 acres to the Beckman Wildlife Management Area;

· background on an appeal of the decision to build a footbridge over Darlinton ditch at Cobblestone FAS 3 miles west of Logan;

· commercial use of Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake; and

Wildlife Management Area grazing leases.

The FWP Commission’s May agenda is available on the FWP home page at by clicking on the Commission button.