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FWP enrolling landowners for Block Management Program


Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Regional map -

Regional map -

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is enrolling landowners across the state who are interested in participating in the Block Management Program. Block Management is a cooperative effort between landowners and FWP to help manage public hunting activities on lands enrolled in the program.

Landowners enter into voluntary agreements and work with FWP to determine how hunting is managed on enrolled lands. Landowners decide on items such as requirements for the public to obtain landowner permission, vehicle use, species the landowner is allowing the public to hunt and the number of hunters allowed at any given time.

“Block management is a flexible, and customizable landowner-centric tool that allows landowners to decide how they’d like to allow public access for hunting on enrolled lands,” said Jason Kool, FWP Hunting Access Bureau Chief. “Often landowners don’t realize how customizable this program is,” Kool said.

Block Management offers landowners various benefits who enroll in the program. Some of these benefits include assistance with wildlife and hunter management; compensation to help offset impacts associated with allowing public hunting; and a complimentary license benefit that may be designated to a family member or an employee. Additionally, landowners do not relinquish any private property rights by enrolling in the program and are covered by Montana’s recreational liability statute as well as may be offered FWP livestock loss reimbursement if necessary.

Program budgets are limited, so lands offered for enrollment are prioritized on a region-wide basis. Habitat quality, regional access needs and the opportunity provided to hunters are some of the considerations FWP will use to prioritize properties.

For more information, or to receive an application packet, interested landowners can contact their local FWP wildlife biologist, warden or regional hunting access coordinator listed below:

  • Region 1 and Region 2 – Kendra McKlosky, 406-529-2008,
  • Region 3 – Coleen O’Rourke, 406-577-7867,
  • Region 4 – Derrick Miller, 406-454-5871,
  • Region 5 – Dale Nixdorf, 406-247-2959,
  • Region 6 – Tim Potter, 406-228-3708,
  • Region 7 – Travis Muscha, 406-234-0929,