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FWP Updates Snow Goose Consumption Advisory

Hunting - Region 3

Tue Feb 21 15:43:29 MST 2017

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks issued a consumption advisory for snow goose hunters in the Dillon/Butte area in early December 2016 following the Nov. 28 event at the Berkeley Pit. In the advisory, FWP asked hunters who had harvested snow geese after Nov. 28 to process and freeze birds until which time the department could determine how the event affected edible portions of these geese and other waterfowl.

The Environmental Protection Agency has since analyzed tissue samples gathered from snow geese and other waterfowl collected by the pit owners. The agency recently released a memorandum indicating the limited potential risk posed by consuming the birds concluding, “These results suggest that ingestion of tissue or organs from these waterfowl for both short term and chronic exposure periods would be unlikely to result in adverse health effects from inorganics.”

While it would appear safe for humans to consume muscle tissue and organs of these harvested geese, under the circumstances, it is at the discretion of the hunter whether he or she chooses to eat or discard snow geese harvested after the Nov. 28 event.