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Changes to Elk Hunting Regs in Butte and Helena Areas

Hunting - Region 3

Mon Mar 07 12:46:08 MST 2016

For those planning to hunt elk in the districts between Butte and Helena, some important changes to the regulations for the 2016 hunting season need to be considered. These changes specifically apply to Hunt District 215 (East Deer Lodge), 318 (Butte-Basin), and 335 (Helena South).

Previously in these districts hunters could hunt antlerless elk by applying for an elk B license by the June 1 deadline. This year, hunters must apply for a special permit by March 15 to be allowed to hunt antlerless elk HDs 215, 318, and 335.

For the 2016 season, these three hunt districts will be treated as one unit, and a permit for antlerless elk will apply to all three. A total of 800 permits for antlerless elk will be available to be used in any of the three districts.

It’s important to note that hunters drawing a permit to hunt antlerless elk will not be allowed to hunt antlered elk in any of these districts for the duration of the hunting season.

Archery only hunters, youth ages 12 to 15, and hunters with a permit to hunt from a vehicle may still hunt both antlered and antlerless elk with their general license.

The deadline to apply for elk B licenses is still June 1.