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Harvest Up in SW Montana in Fifth Weekend of Big Game Season

Hunting - Region 3

Mon Nov 25 12:22:00 MST 2013

Cold. Clear. Calm. These three words describe the conditions facing hunters in the second to last weekend of the big game season. Region 3 operated four game check stations (Cameron, Divide, Mill Creek and Silver City) seeing greater overall hunter success than the prior weekend (over 10 percent of hunters harvested game, compared with 7.4 percent the week before).

The most significant change in success rate came at the Divide station which checked in 16 deer and 11 elk in a weekend which saw 215 hunters pass through. The majority of those hunters harvested buck mule deer.

At Cameron, success was back up to 12.5 percent after a slow weekend number four where just 5.2 percent of hunters passed through with game. Hunters took 15 bull elk and 7 cows. Meanwhile, 9 mule deer buck were harvested along with 3 white-tailed deer.

Area Biologist Julie Cunningham says hunters reported seeing notably more mule deer in the Madison. “You would expect folks to see more given they are in the rut, but we heard that repeatedly over the weekend,” she said. “Plus, we checked one of the biggest mule deer I’ve seen.”

Meanwhile, at Silver City – which typically sees the highest number of hunters come through – success took a jump to 9.3 percent of hunters harvesting game compared with 7 percent the week before.