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Harvest Dips Slightly During Weekend 4 in SW Montana

Hunting - Region 3

Mon Nov 18 12:52:00 MST 2013

Nearly 1,500 hunters passed through the four operating check stations in Region 3 during the fourth weekend of the big game season. Hunter success fell slightly from the previous week with weather playing a key role in harvest. Blowing snow and dangerous roads hampered efforts in the Upper Madison, while wind and fog hit hunters venturing out in Park County. Meanwhile, success rates went up to the north which saw dryer and milder conditions.

The Silver City check station saw the most hunters (514) and a jump from last week’s harvest rate of 3.1% (hunters with game) to 7%. Most of that success came in the form of mule deer bucks (15).

Harvest rates were the highest in the Shields Valley (Clyde Park station) where hunters harvested 16 white-tailed deer, 15 mule deer, and 5 elk.

Hunters didn’t see the same results as the first few weekends at south of Ennis. Success dropped from 7.6% to 5.2%. Notably, the Cameron station also checked in two cow moose which were taken in the Red Rocks area, and a black wolf from the Bear Creek area.

The Divide check station saw very similar numbers to the prior weekend with 238 hunters (compared to 249 in the third weekend) and the same harvest rate (7.6%).

The general deer and elk season runs through December 1.