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Region 3 Weekend 2 Check Station Numbers

Hunting - Region 3

Mon Nov 04 12:07:00 MST 2013

November 2013 minutes from Spotted Dog Workgroup

Spotted Dog Workgroup Minutes for 2013-11-18

The second weekend of the deer and elk general season saw cooler (although relatively moderate temperatures) with little precipitation at lower elevations. Hunter success was down slightly compared to the opener, but success remained high in the Madison. Region 3 operated four check stations: Cameron, Divide, Mill Creek and Silver City.

Overall, 1,146 hunters came through check stations over the weekend – most coming through the Cameron check station. That’s where over 13% of hunters harvested either a deer or an elk, doubling last year’s percentage. Hunters took 5 white-tailed deer, 5 mule deer, and 44 elk. Staff also noted that six antelope came through, along with several Tribal Treaty right hunters who had harvested 5 bison in the West Yellowstone area.

Meanwhile, 368 hunters came through Silver City which checked in 5 white-tailed deer, 6 mule deer, and 8 elk result in a 5.2% success rate. Divide saw 220 hunters bringing in 1 white-tailed deer, 8 mule deer and 9 elk. And Mill Creek saw a drop in success to 2.7%, down from nearly 5% last week.