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Bison Hunt To Open November 15


Fri Nov 01 09:19:00 MDT 2013

Montana's bison hunt is set to open Nov. 15 in areas in southwestern Montana near Yellowstone National Park.

The annual hunt attracted 10,132 individual applicants for a limited number of either-sex bison licenses. Forty residents and four nonresidents were successful in the drawing.

Only six of the 16 licenses set aside by law for Montana Indian Tribes were taken, so the remaining 10 licenses placed with the pool of hunters who applied for a 2013-14 bison hunting license.

Montana wildlife officials placed 93 residents and seven nonresidents on a cow/calf license roster. The cow/calf licenses will only be issued by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks if enough bison migrate into the state from Yellowstone National Park. The bison season will close Feb. 15, 2014.