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Keep Wildfire Prevention a Priority

Hunting - Region 7

Tue Sep 11 16:10:00 MDT 2012

It’s still dry and wildfire prevention must be the top priority for all hunters in Montana. Southeast Montana has experienced drought conditions combined with an extreme fire season. 
As hunters and recreationists take to the field they should take precautions and be concerned about accidental fire starts caused when dry vegetation accumulates in a vehicle's skid plate or catalytic converter. The hot temperatures and little precipitation combined with continued red flag warnings have increased the likelihood of grass fires.
Hunters, anglers and recreationists driving on roads with drying vegetation along the edges or growing down the middle of a two-track road can cause autumn fire starts and that keeps landowners and land managers on edge.
We all have a responsibility to be fire conscious. It is a matter of human safety and protecting private property and public resources in Montana.
If you are heading to the field this fall you should:
  • Drive only on established roads.
  • Avoid roads with tall vegetation in the middle track.
  • Never park over dry grass and other vegetation.
  • Carry a fire extinguisher—or water-filled weed sprayer—shovel, axe, and, a cell phone for communications in addition to other outdoor safety gear.
  • Restrict camping activities to designated camping areas.
  • Do not build campfires.
  • Smoke only inside buildings or vehicles.
  • Report a fire immediately if you come upon one.
  • Have a personal action plan in mind should you need to evacuate the area.
For up-to-date details on fire and drought-related restrictions and closures, visit FWP's website at Click Drought & Fire.
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