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Few Over-the-counter and Surplus Licenses Available August 6th

Hunting - Region 7

Fri Jul 27 14:29:00 MDT 2012

Hunters can buy over-the-counter antelope licenses and surplus licenses for deer B, elk B and antelope beginning Aug. 6, but very few are available and they'll go fast.
Surplus licenses are those still remaining after Montana’s recent special hunting license drawings. The remaining licenses are sold on a first-come first-served basis.
"Hunters who hope to obtain a surplus license should plan ahead to be online or at a license provider that is open early, some licenses may sell out in a few minutes," said Hank Worsech, the licensing section chief for FWP in Helena.
The scarcity of surplus licenses this year is due in part to a high number of hunters applying for fewer available licenses. The drop in “deer B” (antlerless) and antelope license quotas is a result of eastern Montana’s still recovering deer and antelope populations that suffered winter-kill losses in 2010-11. A subsequent bout of epizootic hemorrhagic disease last summer also killed many white-tailed deer, prompting FWP biologists to further reduce harvest quotas.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offices will open at 8 a.m. on Aug. 6 to accommodate walk-in customers. Online sales will begin at approximately 5 a.m. Surplus licenses can be purchased online at , and from any FWP license provider.
Hunters may hold one either-sex and up to two doe/fawn antelope licenses, and may possess a total of seven deer B licenses in any combination via drawing, over-the-counter, or surplus purchase.