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FWP Calls On Hunters To Be Weed-Aware


Fri Sep 30 12:29:00 MDT 2011

Noxious weeds pose a serious economic and environmental threat to Montana. Protect critical habitat from noxious weed infestations and you protect the health of Montana's fish and wildlife.

FWP encourages hunters and others to:

  • learn to identify noxious weeds,
  • check clothes, waders, pets and gear at the end of each trip and collect any stowaway weed seeds, place them in a sealed bag or container and put it in the trash.
  • avoid driving through or parking vehicles and trailers in areas infested with weeds.
  • wash vehicles and trailers (especially the undercarriages) between outings,
  • report infestations, large and small, to the landowners or to the county weed district. Small and new infestations are critical to catch early and are more likely to have gone unnoticed by the landowners or manager.
  • pull small infestations of noxious weeds that have not flowered or gone to seed and leave them in an undisturbed area with their roots exposed. If flowers or seeds are present, pull the plants, place them in a plastic bag, and pack them out for proper disposal.
  • use certified noxious weed-seed free forage for horses and pack animals, it is required on federal lands, and FWP Wildlife Management Areas.

To learn more about noxious weeds common in Montana, including how to identify them, go to the FWP website at on the Habitat page.