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Hunters - Don't Forget A Map


Fri Sep 30 11:11:00 MDT 2011

A hunting map in the old days was a very private record. Well used maps bore the marks and notes of multiple hunts—and sometimes even notes on the results. Maps used year after year and had a certain patina from all that use. In a few lucky families, a hunting map might be passed from one generation to the next.

If you are thinking all this was lost with the move to digital maps, you’d be wrong.

Though maps available on the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website at on the Hunting page are of the digital variety, they may be customized to your needs—whether you use the maps on FWP's interactive Hunt Planner on the Hunting tab, or the 1:100,000 scale Montana Land Ownership Maps available under Hunter Access via the Hunter’s Toolkit link.

Hunters lucky enough to have a coffee stained, creased hunting map of yesteryear are fortunate indeed--doubly so because with a few mouse strokes and a click here and there they can access an up-to-date digital map of their family's traditional elk hole.