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Plan A Hunt For Up And Coming Hunters


Fri Sep 30 11:08:00 MDT 2011

It is easy for veteran hunters, dads and granddads to plan traditional hunts to favored spots. But sometimes, in the excitement, the needs of young hunters in the family may be overlooked.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks officials encourage experienced hunters—family or friends of family—to take the time to mentor young hunters.

FWP helps make it easy by offering special seasons and other license opportunities. Here are a few of these special opportunities for young hunters.

  • Oct. 20-21 is a statewide, two-day, youth-only deer season. The season, authorized by the FWP Commission, provides young people an opportunity to participate in a deer hunt. Legally licensed hunters ages 11-15 may hunt deer statewide. For details see the deer, elk and antelope hunting regulations.
  • A youth 11 years of age who will reach age 12 by January 16, 2012 may also, after Aug. 15, hunt any game species for which their license is valid during an open season. They may also purchase a hunting license, except for spring turkey and spring black bear, and apply for any drawing, as long as they have proof of completing an approved hunter education course.
  • In certain hunting districts young people ages 12-15 may hunt elk according to specific hunting district regulations without applying for an elk permit through the drawing. The specifics on these opportunities vary, so be certain to check the hunting district regulations.

Keep in mind that young people, resident and nonresident, ages 11-13, must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years of age or older in order to carry or use a firearm in public.

In other incentives, youngsters who complete a hunter safety and education course are entitled to receive their first resident youth combination sports license free-of-charge.

For a complete list of hunting opportunities for the young, see the 2011 deer, elk, and antelope regulations on page 112, or consult the regulations online at on the Hunting page. License discount opportunities, some of which apply to children, are listed on page 111 of the hunting regulations.