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Canada Goose Facts


Fri Sep 16 11:34:00 MDT 2011

  • Life expectancy—up to 20 years
  • Weight—five to 12 pounds
  • Nesting Location—smaller subspecies nest in northern Canada. Geese that nest in Montana are the larger nine to 12 pound subspecies.
  • Eggs—geese generally lay about four to seven eggs, called a clutch
  • Incubation—eggs hatch after about 30 days
  • Young geese—called "goslings"
  • Migration----Migrate as family groups. Large flocks are made up of many families and non-breeders.
  • Age at first nesting---two or three years.

How many species of migratory birds are there?  There are over 860 species of migratory birds in North America. Only 58 are designated as game species with established hunting seasons. The rest, more than 800 species, have no sport hunting seasons and are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.