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2011 Block Management Information


Fri Sep 16 11:21:00 MDT 2011

For the 2011 hunting season, hunters will have access to nearly 9 million acres of land statewide through the Block Management Program administered by Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

This program provides public hunting access to private and isolated public land free of charge, while assisting landowners in managing hunting activities. This year some 1,300 private landowners are participating in the program.

Hunters, by researching their options, are likely to find a number of block management opportunities that will meet their needs.

Hunting Access Guides can be obtained at the FWP office in the region where the BMA is located, or by ordering one through the FWP website at on the Hunting page under Hunter Access. The Hunting Access Guides can also be viewed and downloaded from this Web site.

The Hunting Access Guides and block management maps can be viewed and printed from the FWP website. Or, order online a copy of the Hunting Access Guide for the area you plan to hunt.

The FWP website at on the Hunting page under "Hunter Access" also has details on public and private hunting access.