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Town of Colstrip Archery Deer Management Hunt 2011

Hunting - Region 7

Tue Aug 30 13:31:00 MDT 2011

A management season hunt has been enacted for the area in and adjacent to the town of Colstrip, Montana. The City of Colstrip has requested additional antlerless mule deer licenses be made available one per hunter and valid from the start of the archery season, September 3, 2011 until the end of the big game season, November 27, 2011 in an effort to reduce the number of mule deer in and immediately adjacent to town.
For this management season hunt, archery hunting is the only means of take due to safety concerns imposed by the proximity to residential areas, businesses and industrial mine operations. An additional 100 mule deer doe-fawn licenses will be made available first –come first serve limited to 1 per person. These licenses will be available Thursday September 1, 2011 through the ALS system. These licenses plus currently valid resident and nonresident Region 7 mule deer B licenses and resident and nonresident deer A licenses will be valid through November 27, 2011. Deer A license will be valid for either sex mule deer. The management plan requires the hunter to harvest a mule deer doe before attempting to harvest a mule deer buck on the Deer A license.
The hunt area extends approximately 3 miles west; 5 miles east; 3.5 miles north and 3.5 miles south of Colstrip MT and is owned by City of Colstrip, PPL Montana, Western Energy, Great Northern Properties and Rosebud County. The hunt area is legally defined as T1N R41E Sections 1-18; T2N R41E Sections 13-36; T1N R42E Sections 4- 9,16-18; T2N R42E Sections 16-21, 28-33. Hunters need to obtain permission for PPL property and Colstrip Parks & Recreation Property from PPL Security (748-5022 or 5023); hunters will need to sign in through the security guard shack off of Willow Street. Permission for Western Energy Properties came be obtained from Western Energy Security (748-5100, 5190 or 5156); hunters will need to sign in through the security guard shack off of Castle Rock Road.
Should you have any questions please call the Miles City FWP Office at (406) 234-0900.

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