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Busy Year For Bears


Fri Oct 30 00:00:00 MDT 2009

Throughout the year, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is called on to respond to wildlife that come in close contact with homeowners and residential areas.

FWP most frequently responds to calls related to black bears and grizzly bears, and, less frequently, mountain lions. FWP also responds to calls from ranchers and others whose livestock or pets encounter wolves. While black and grizzly bears are often relocated to remote areas, mountain lions and wolves are seldom relocated. So far this year, FWP has captured and relocated 53 black bears and 12 grizzly bears.

In Montana, wildlife and humans live in close contact with each other every day. Visit FWP's Living with Wildlife Web pages at for updates on wildlife relocations and for tips on how to deal with wildlife that enter neighborhoods and backyards.