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The Town of Colstrip Manages Deer With Archery Hunting

Hunting - Region 7

Wed Aug 27 00:00:00 MDT 2008

Cities and towns across the nation face several urban wildlife issues. Deer management is one widespread issue that is difficult and contentious to manage in most locations. The town of Colstrip has taken a proactive approach to deer management, adopting a Deer Management Action Plan (DMAP), approved by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks in 2005.  The following is an information update to the DMAP.


Archery Hunting

Colstrip’s plan utilizes hunting with archery equipment as the primary control tool.  With a steady increase in the mule deer population in the Colstrip area, the Colstrip Deer Management Group recommended to increase the harvest of deer in the Colstrip area to promote and sustain a healthy mule deer population.  As a result, FWP plans to authorize the sale of 200 additional Special Anterless Deer B licenses for the Colstrip area. 


  • The Colstrip special deer management license is for antlerless mule deer and are only valid on property administered by PPL Montana or Western Energy Company in an area that extends 1 to 5 miles surrounding Colstrip.  Permission by PPL Montana or Western Energy is required prior to hunting.  Hunters must obtain permission for PPL property and Colstrip Parks & Recreation property from PPL Security (406-748-5022 or 748-5023). Hunters will be required to sign-in through the security guard shack off of Willow Street. Permission for Western Energy properties can be obtained through the Western Energy Security (406-748-5100, 748-5190 or 748-5156). Hunters must sign-in at the security guard shack off of Castle Rock Road.
  • The Colstrip special deer management licenses are available on a first-come first-served basis, up to 5 per person. The license can be purchased from any FWP license agent, $10 for residents and $75 for nonresidents.
  • The license is valid during the general archery season from September 6, 2008 – October 19, 2008 and during the general rifle season (with archery equipment only/hunter orange is required) from October 26, 2008 – November 30, 2008.
  • Anterless mule deer B licenses and Deer A licenses (valid for either sex) can be used during the special deer management hunt. The Management Action Plan requires that hunters harvest a doe before they can hunt bucks.


For specific hunt information contact FWP Region 7 Headquarters at 1-406-234-0900.