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Region 7's Hysham Check Station Report Comparable to '05

Hunting - Region 7

Wed Nov 29 00:00:00 MST 2006


The fall big game hunting season has ended and the Hysham check station harvest numbers were very similar to the 2005 season. The check station at the Hysham rest area along Interstate 94 was open all but one weekend since the beginning of the antelope rifle season. The Hysham check station is the primary location in Region 7 to gather harvest and biological data from hunters throughout the season.


The 2006 season found 1,090 hunters passed through the check station as compared to

1,244 for the 2005 fall season. That’s a 13% decrease in hunter numbers passing through the check station.


Antelope harvest was down in 2006, harvest numbers from the check station show 366 antelope this fall and 443 checked in the fall of 2005. That is a 14% drop in total number of antelope checked through the station.


Mule Deer harvest in 2006 was 462, which just about matched the 2005 harvest of 485. White-tailed deer harvest was just about the same this year as last fall. The 06 season showed 159 checked when compared to 151 for 2005. The last two weeks of November showed a marked increase in deer harvest.


The upland game bird numbers checked through the station were very similar to the fall of 2005. Hunters found pheasants difficult to harvest due to the warm weather and lack of snow cover.


The close of the 2006 big game hunting seasons was effective Sunday, November 26, 2006.

See attached table for exact figures from 2006 and 2005 seasons.

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