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Hunters Reminded Of Hunting Regulations On State Land


Fri Aug 26 00:00:00 MDT 2005

When planning a hunting trip, it is important for hunters to be mindful of the regulations associated with using State School Trust Land.

Just a few tips:

·  A $2 state lands access fee is now included in the $6.25 price of the FWP conservation license. This license replaces the $10 state lands recreational use license for hunting, fishing and trapping activities on state lands.

·  Those 12 years of age or older must have a State Lands Recreational Use License for activities other than fishing and hunting on State School Trust Lands (more commonly referred to as state land).  The license is $5 for those ages 12-17 and age 60 and older, for all others the license is $10. These licenses are available from any Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional office or license provider. 

·  The proceeds from each State Lands license sold help support Montana's public schools.

·  Know where state land boundaries lie:  Maps showing designated state land tracts and road status are posted at DNRC, Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Services offices statewide. 

·  Don't trespass:  State lands are legally accessible if they can be reached from adjacent public lands or public roads.  However, if you have to cross private property to reach them, you must get landowner permission. Also, not all tracts of State School Trust Land are open for recreational use.

·  Watch where you drive:  The only roads open for vehicle use are public roads, such as county roads and state highways, and a few roads designated as open by DNRC.  Off-road use is strictly prohibited. 

·  Be fire conscious:  Hunters are urged to check current fire conditions, and for any restrictions or closures that may be in place where they plan to hunt.  Hunters should have, at minimum, a bucket, axe and shovel with them before venturing out in the woods. 

For details on these and other regulations, ask for the "Guide to Recreational Use of State Land," available from FWP license providers, at DNRC offices, FWP regional offices or by calling 444-1868.