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Help Ensure Young Hunters Get An Edge


Fri Aug 20 00:00:00 MDT 2004

A fall hunting expedition is a great way to give a youngster an edge. Many adults say early family hunts gave them skills, confidence and values that have served them throughout their lives. Planning and taking a hunt also helps youngsters get the extra time and attention they need at a time in life when they really need it.

To help make those early hunting experiences special, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers these youth-oriented opportunities.

*  A resident youth 12-17 years of age who applies for a hunting license for the first time ever is entitled to receive a youth combination sports license free of charge.  The youth combination sports license includes: a conservation license, a fishing license, an upland game bird license, elk license and a deer license. The youth combination sports license is available at FWP regional offices and license providers.

Resident youth ages 15-17 may purchase a discounted youth combination license that includes conservation, fishing, deer A, elk, and upland game bird hunting (excluding turkey).

* Montana youth ages 12-14 may purchase a deer A or elk license over the counter for half price.

Youth 12-14 years of age may fish and hunt upland game birds, excluding turkeys, with only a conservation license.

* Resident youth 15-17 years of age may hunt upland game birds with a conservation license and $3 youth upland game bird license.

Finally, youth ages 12-14 may hunt elk in some hunting districts without applying for a special elk permit through the spring drawing. Check page 20 of the 2004 big game hunting regulations for details.