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New License Year Brings Licensing Changes


Fri Feb 20 00:00:00 MST 2004

Hunters and anglers will notice some changes this year when they go to buy their new licenses for the March 1, 2004-Feb. 28, 2005 license year.

Free youth combination licenses for first time young hunters will please many and advertisements in the Big Game regulations booklets may surprise others. Here are details on some of the changes.

* Advertisements will be included in the deer, elk and antelope regulations as part of a pilot project negotiated with 2003 Legislature to generate revenue to offset the cost of the booklets and to gauge public reaction.

*  A $2 state lands access fee is now included in the $6.25 price of the conservation license, replacing the $10 state lands recreational use license for hunting, fishing and trapping activities on state lands. Those planning to hike, bird watch or otherwise recreate on state lands are still required to purchase the $10 state lands recreational use license. 

*  A 25-cent fee added to the cost of the conservation license will pay for the search and rescue of lost hunters, anglers and trappers.

*  All general licenses will go on sale via the Internet on March 1 and in April, hunters will be able to apply for special permits on the FWP Internet site at .

*  Young Montanans purchasing their first ever hunting license will receive a free youth combination license. 

*  All first time license buyers born after January 1, 1985 must complete a hunter education course before purchasing a hunting license in Montana.

For licensing details and to purchase licenses, contact an FWP license provider or the nearest FWP regional office.