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Hunters Beware Of Fire Danger


Wed Aug 29 00:00:00 MDT 2001

Fire-danger and fire-use restrictions will have a big impact on Labor Day and early-season hunting plans throughout western Montana this weekend.

On the heels of two of the driest years in recent memory, and several weeks of record low stream flows and record high temperatures in August, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks reminds hunters and others who plan to be outdoors to be cautious of fire danger and fire restrictions on public and private lands.

Montana's archery hunting seasons for big game--and most of the state's upland game bird hunting seasons--open Saturday, Sept. 1.

"We want to alert all hunters that they'll be expected to exercise caution with regard to fire danger on public and private land," said FWP Director Jeff Hagener "Hunters seeking access to private land should be aware that many landowners are especially concerned about the dry conditions so, until conditions improve, every hunter's patience and understanding will be appreciated."

Hagener noted that because the fire danger is high throughout much of Montana, hunters must be prepared to prevent wild fires. FWP suggests that hunters:

  • Carry a shovel, bucket, axe, and garden-type weed sprayer full of water in all vehicles.
  • Restrict camping activities to designated camping areas.
  • Do not build campfires.
  • Drive only on established roads. Take care to ensure that catalytic converters and mufflers are in good repair.
  • Do not stop or park vehicles over grass or brush.
  • Smoke only inside buildings or vehicles.
  • "Above all be careful," Hagener said. "The people of Montana will appreciate your good judgement and your efforts to prevent wildfire during this time of high fire danger."

    For up-to-date information on drought- and fire-related restrictions visit FWP's website at