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Retired FWP Wildlife Researcher Wins Prestigious Award


Fri Jun 14 10:25:00 MDT 2013

A retired Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wildlife researcher recently won the prestigious Wallmo Award for outstanding lifetime contributions to the knowledge base and improved management of mule and black-tailed deer.

Dave Pac, who spent more than 30 years as an FWP wildlife researcher, was part of the statewide deer research team first assembled in the late 1970s. Pac led an extensive mule deer study in southwestern Montana throughout his career. The study has been foundational for wildlife managers throughout the West, who use the results as a benchmark for describing and managing mule deer population dynamics and hunting-related mortalities. Pac is perhaps best known in Montana as the leader of the team that wrote Montana's Mule Deer Adaptive Harvest Management Plan.

Pac, a graduate of Montana State University, spent most of his career in Bozeman, and now lives in Helena.

The Wallmo Award is named for the late Dr. O. C. "Charlie" Wallmo, one of North America's foremost wildlife scientists. Principally a researcher, he had a broad interest in deer ecology and management. The Wallmo Award was established by his family and since 1982 has been awarded at the Western States and Provinces Deer and Elk Workshop, which was recently held in Missoula.