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MyFWP Offers One-Stop-Shop For News, Hunter And Angler Information


Fri Oct 12 15:46:00 MDT 2012

A new website offering from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks serves up vital information for hunters and anglers and allows anyone to subscribe to hunting and fishing news—all packaged in one place for easy access.

With one search, "MyFWP" allows hunters and anglers to find their FWP information related to specific Automated Licensing System identification numbers, hunting license bonus points, drawing status and results and more.

In addition, MyFWP provides to anyone interested an opportunity to sign up for FWP's new e-mail subscription service, which allows one to receive digital notifications about hunting, fishing, and FWP Commission news.

"We'll continue to expand subscription topics based on public interest," said Ron Aasheim, FWP spokesman in Helena. "You don't need to be a licensed hunter or angler to subscribe to the news service. Just go to MyFWP and sign up."

"The news bulletins can be sent to one's email account or, via a brief text message alert, to one's mobile phone," Aasheim said.
For more information, visit FWP's website at and click "MyFWP"