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More Connect With FWP Via Social Media


Fri Sep 28 10:13:00 MDT 2012

If "Likes" "Followers" and "Views" are digital age currency, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has hit the jackpot with its social media offerings.

FWP launched a Facebook page last year to share information on issues, opportunities, and events with hunters, anglers, landowners, and visitors— and joined Twitter and YouTube in 2008.

With little fanfare and no advertising, FWP recently eclipsed 1,740 "Likes" on Facebook, attracted nearly 2,800 "Followers" on Twitter, and posted more than 230 videos on YouTube that were viewed nearly 200,000 times.

"It's been a rewarding experiment for FWP," said Ron Aasheim, FWP spokesman in Helena. "We've discovered that each platform provides unique ways to connect with Montanans and others all over the world. In addition to finding information on the FWP website, or by calling FWP, or through news releases, in any given week FWP reaches well over 10,000 more people via social media."

Aasheim noted that several of FWP regional offices and Montana Wild have also joined Facebook and Twitter. "We're certain that FWP's information and outreach efforts will continue to expand by via social media because it's helping to initiate more direct communications with the public," he said.

Here's how to connect with FWP:

FWP's Facebook, Twitter and YouTube posts can be accessed on web-enabled mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets.