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Lewistown Man Faces 20 Poaching Charges

Headlines - Region 4

Wed Mar 31 00:00:00 MDT 2010

A Lewistown man has been charged with two felonies and 18 misdemeanors for poaching activities last October that included seven deer, two antelope, one black bear and one wild turkey.

Craig Henry Metcalf Jr., 24, faces fines up to $50,000 and jail time up to five years. In addition, Metcalf could lose his hunting, fishing and trapping privileges from three years to a lifetime ban.

On Oct. 27 and 28, Metcalf Jr. was observed around the Lewistown area, shooting animals illegally, wasting game and hunting without a license.

Over the two-day period, a Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4 investigation determined that Metcalf conducted illegal activities, ranging from the Moccasin Mountains north of town to the state fish hatchery south of Lewistown.

The felonies are possession of unlawfully taken wildlife: possessing and transporting six deer with the restitution value exceeding $1,000. And unlawful sale of game animals: selling a black bear and parts of a mule deer buck with the restitution value exceeding $1,000.

The misdemeanors are: possession of unlawfully taken buck antelope, possession of unlawfully taken black bear, two counts of outfitting without a license, two counts of shooting a big game animal from a road, two counts of shooting a big game animal from a vehicle, three counts of waste of a game animal, hunting a turkey without a license, hunting a black bear without a license and five counts of hunting deer without a license.

The charges were filed in Fergus County District Court. No trial date has been set.